Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twilight Cuttlefish Necklace

I have been in love with this artist and her work for some time, when I came across this cuttlefish this morning and all the pretty blends of colors just makes me go ohhhhhhhhh gotta have, I gotta have !!!

Artist wrote : Inspired by the colors of the sky just after sunset this sculpted polymer clay cuttlefish necklace is soft blues and lavender pinks.

Cuttlefish are not fish at all but are cephalopods, their closest relatives are squid and octopus. These amazing sea creatures have eight arms and two tentacles with suckers that they use to capture their prey. Some cuttlefish are brightly colored and many can change the color and the texture of their skin as camouflage, mating display, or warning.

You can find more of this artist work at


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