Friday, January 22, 2010

If you are like me, the holiday selling season has come to a close, Valentine's day is just ahead, isn't amazing how we seem to live one holiday to the next ?, but again I digress... January is always my " I need to UPDATE my website" which in itself should be an easy task...remove the sold items and add some new items but nooooooooo I always have this urge to totally revamp the look of my website. So if you are like me, here is an interesting article that may give you some helpful hints and some great sites to go to !

40 Best Photoshop Web Page Layout Tutorials
I would love everyone to list their websites, blogs and selling sites so we can all see your work !
Till tomorrow...keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


Its All About Creating said...

Thanks for the opportunity......
Marlene Brady – It’s All About Creating
(In the process of restocking my Etsy store)

Jackie said...

Here are mine, thanks for the offer:

Thanks also for the web page tutorials link!

Landon Clary Eason said...

Well, how sweet of you. Thank You!!!!!
This is my blog:
And I am on Artfire, but it is under construction:
Thank you again, most kind of you!!!
Best Wishes,

Diamonds Rings said...

Great tutorials about photoshop.thanks

Anonymous said...

My blog here

I have been updating weekly for a while now so it is a commitment that I am sticking to. woo hoo

Online sales not set up yet I thought I would concentrate on one area at a time because I know I would be like you and go to remove items and end up doing a total revamp!
Love your blog keep it up!

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