Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010 ! Today's blog is about a great website that is full of wonderful green and earth friendly items, if you have never been there, today is a great day to check them out, they have everything from kids toys to, well just about anything you can think of !

Recycled Zipper Necklace
Designer : Tara St. James

Made from re-purposed zipper ends that were cut from bulk orders, these pieces were saved from the landfill, and converted into one-of-a-kind necklaces. A much more delicate version than its heavier counterparts, the Single Zip Necklace is still guaranteed to draw attention and second glances. This piece is available in cream with gold or black with gold as shown on the picture. The chain is approximately 24" long and is vintage.

Snö Leaf Necklace
Designer : Kumvana Gomani

This sparkly Snö necklace is a breath of fresh air for any outfit. Each piece is delicately handcut from recycled soda and water bottles and like a true snowflake, no two are exactly the same. Manufactured in Sweden.
Cameo Recycled Vinyl Record Pendants
Designed by WrecordbyMonkey

Looking to add some Victorian charm to your rocker chic? These fun and stylish pendants are made from recycled vinyl records and are designed in the shape of classic Victorian iconography. With jewelry that is reminiscent of flea market relics and antique shop treasures, this collection’s unique combination of vintage imagery with recycled materials showcases another level of WrecordsByMonkey’s design style. Every piece in this collection is double layered and comes in three varieties: black vinyl on black vinyl, black vinyl on beige acrylic and cherry wood on black vinyl . Combining a classic touch with recycled materials, this collection is convincingly contemporary.
Cleo Recycled Necklace
Designed by Escama Studio

Cleo is a hand-crocheted, Egyption style fan necklace. Looser than a choker, this necklace is adjustable in length between 20"-22", and is surprisingly lightweight. Made from the pull-tabs from recycled soda can pop tops and silver crocheted thread. Unlike silver, the aluminum maintains its soft, silvery metallic luster and will not tarnish. Handmade and produced with Fair Trade Federation standards. Each necklace comes tagged with the signature of the artisan who crocheted it. Back of necklace has an extender chain with lobster clasp closure. Simple and elegant for stylistas and environmentalists alike.
Escama Francisca Bag
Designed by Escama Studio

Made from over 500 recycled aluminum pull-tabs (yes, the kind from soda pop cans), the Francisca bag's chic silvery style strikes the perfect balance between elegant and funky. Created by Escama Studio and individually handcrafted by a women's cooperative in Brazil, each bag comes with a fabric nylon liner, padded strap, and an external flap that covers the zipper closure. W9.5" x H5" x D1". Shoulder strap is 16" long.

Find more great green items at Inhabitat
Till tomorrow .... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


TheJoyofColor said...

Wonderful list i love Escama hand bag
have a wonderful ney year

WonderfulWire said...

The sno necklace and vinyl record pendant are my favorites!! Very cool! :))

Anonymous said...

I adore that handbag ! They had a big tote bag made the same way it was catching my eye big time ! Thanks everyone for the comments !

Lisa Crone said...

Oh wow, I love all of these!! Great ideas!!

amy said...

I would LOVE to know how to make one of these bags out of recycled pop tabs. If you find any instruction, please do let us know! Thanks!

EyeDesire said...

Wow, great ideas! I love that bag! So creative!

Shana said...

Green design willl defintely save the world. But products that also have a social impact- those that for example empower women in developing countries & other marginalized settings to generate income, are those that will have the most net impact. That is why we at Jute and Jackfruit love Escama Studio so much. Not only do they make brilliant use of recycled soda can tabs, but they combine this with advanced crocheting techniques by women who otherwise may not have opportunities to earn a decent living and come from impoverished settings. These products have a dual impact (social and environmental) and therefore will ultimately have the greatest impact in "saving the world". Most important too is that the design elements speak for themselves-- they are beautiful. Find these Escama products and many others at Jute and Jackfruit's online boutique ( We have a strong committment to all our designers and adhere to strict social and environmental criteria. Free shipping on all our products. Come visit us!

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