Monday, January 11, 2010

Interview : Maryniky Designs

Your Daily Muse News welcomes Maryniky Designs from Australia, we thank you for taking the time to talk to us all, lets get started........

DM: What is your artistic medium?
MD: Handmade Jewellery & Wearable Art

DM: Where can your art be seen?
MD: I have several online outlets, Etsy , my website  and I also write a blog
DM: When and how did you first become interested in your medium?
MD: About three years ago I saw some advertising from a local store for beading classes - it sparked that creative side and I decided to give it a go.

DM: Once you decided to pursue your art, how did you start off, trial and error, books, classes, videos, formal schooling?
MD: I started off by doing beading classes at a local store. From there I bought magazines, books and developed my skills over time.

DM: Out of what you tried, was there any particular thing that you would recommend to someone just starting out?
MD: Just have fun and relax, and explore all possibilities ... it really is a satisfying activity.

DM: What do you enjoy most about working with your medium?
MD: I enjoy seeing my designs and sketches come to fruition. Being able to look at a finished piece and know that I made that with my own hands, and using my own design. It grounds me!!

DM: What do you find the most frustrating?
MD: Well with three children, sometimes it is hard to go into my craft room and have time to myself ... that is frustrating!!!! LOL

DM: Where do you find your inspirations for what you create?
MD: I find a lot of inspiration from nature. I love the ocean ... I often find solace in going to the beach, and looking out at the crashing waves and hearing ocean. Where we live is on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef, with rainforests behind us ... what better inspiration could there be?

DM: Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations.
MD: There are so many that I love, but if I was to choose just one it would be "Lady of the Lake", a wearable art piece that I made earlier this year (2009). It was inspired initially by a themed challenge I was taking part in - a theme I have a great love for ... "Camelot". I love Arthurian legends, and I think I've just about read every book there is on it LOL. I decided to do a piece around the Lady of the Lake ... right at the end when Arthur was gone and magic was disappearing from the world of man. I wanted her to look at peace, even though the world around her was disappearing. This piece took over 50 hours to make, and every hour was a complete joy.

DM: Have you ever experienced artist block and how did you overcome it?
MD: Oh my, many times. But as I've mentioned, I find a lot of inspiration from nature, and I find spending some time just being with nature, or looking out at the ocean, centers me and brings the creative juices back.

DM: What is the biggest mistake you have ever made as an artist? What did you learn from it?
MD: I'm one of those people that think the good in everyone. Unfortunately there are some not so nice people out there ... need I say more. I've learn over the last couple of years that I have to trust in my ability, and trust in my gut instinct a lot more.

DM: Would you please tell about your studio set-up?
MD: LOL, my studio is a spare room in our house. Not only is there a mini bead shop in there, but it's also home to bookcases, linen cupboards and filing cabinets. I live in hope of one day having a whole room to myself.

DM: When is your favorite time to create?
MD: I'm always up early with my husband, to get him off to work. I find that the time between him going and the kids waking up ... those early morning hours ... are my best times to sit in there and get some beading done.

DM: What advise would you give someone starting out in this medium?
MD: As I've said above, have fun, relax and just go with the flow.

DM: Are there any artists that inspire you or that you admire?
MD: I discovered the work of Sherry Serafini and Heidi Kummli about a year ago, and I knew I had to try Bead Embroidery. My passion for beading was sparked even more by the works of these wonderful artists. I've also met a lot of artists through Etsy groups .... e.g. Etsy Beadweavers and the DUST (Down Under Street Team) team ... the work these artists do is amazing and I have so much respect for them. I also want to thank the lovely ladies from the Beading Forum that have helped me through this journey and have encouraged me all the way, without them I wouldn't be here !

DM: Tell us a bit about yourself.
MD: I'm a loving wife, mother to three adorable kids (although they have their moments LOL). We live in the best place in Australia, although I might be slightly biased here :). I've been creative for as long as I can remember, and have explored A LOT of crafts and mediums over the years. All of which have brought me to where I am today ... totally addicted to anything beady and finding an insatiable appetite to keep creating and going as far as I can with it..

DM: Anything else you wish to share?
MD: In May next year (2010), I am having my first Exhibition of my Wearable Art pieces at a local Gallery, and to say that I'm not nervous about it all would be a great big lie. But I am looking forward to sharing my work and my passion with people, and hoping they love it

DM: We wish you the best of luck with your exhibition in 2010, I know many of us would love to see what you design for this show and how you made out ! Your work is amazing, personally I have never had the talent to work with those tiny seed beads, you do it justice ! Again, thank you for taking the time to talk to us, best of luck to you in 2010 !

Till tomorrow...keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


amy said...

One word: WOW.

Really, really stunning stuff.

I'd love to know her client base, who she sells to. There is NO way anyone could wear one of her pieces with a lot of heads turning.


Suanough said...

You have left me breathless!!

I've never seen such incredible artwork.

Thank you, thank you for sharing your amazing pieces.

AArdvaark Bead Designs

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed, working with beads so small just amazes me ! I loved her "Scarlet Woman Dress" necklace ! The thing I love most about these interviews are seeing all the different talents !

Maryanne said...

Thankyou Tina for doing this feature - I'm chuffed to see my work on here. :)

Tina and Suanough - thankyou for your lovely comments, although I don't think I deserve such wonderful praise, but I thankyou anyway. :)

As for my client base - well, I have yet to sell one of my bigger pieces. Unfortunately with living in a smallish coastal country town in Australia, people don't appreciate the work that goes into one of these pieces. That's why I'm hoping this exhibition in May will attract "out of town" people and perhaps get my name out there a bit more. I live in hope :)

Again, thankyou Tina for this opportunity :)

EyeDesire said...

Wow, they are breathtaking! Gorgeous!
I'm amazed by her detail work and they are so great!

Thank you so much for introducing a wonderful artist with us!

Haffina said...

What a great interview. I'm lucky enough to see quite a bit of Maryanne's work on a private forum.. she is extremely talented and a wonderful person as well.
Recognition of her skills is well deserved.

Foxan said...

Great feature of a very talented artist!
Worderful beadwork!

gr8jewellery said...

I loved this interview! Each piece is unique and amazing! It's wonderful to see her talent being recognised and I wish her every success :)

Laura said...

This is a delightful article about a super talented artist! I love Maryanne's work and it was fun to see so much of her work in one place and find out more about her.


Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Absolutely beautiful work. How nice to get to look at a fellow Estian's portfolio in such a beautifully done format. Delightful!

Enchanted Beads said...

Thank you for showing your unique pieces. All of them are stunning. I LOVE Lady of the Lake!

WonderfulWire said...

Fantastic!! Just Fantastic!! Looking at these beautiful and so totally unique designs spurns me on to get over being intimidated! Makes me want to experiment and stretch myself :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow! I think I've seen some of her work before - but not this much all in one place - it's stunning!

Dawn N said...

Maryanne does fabulous work. Thanks for showing us some of her beautiful pieces.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone that posted a comment ! Love hearing from you all !

mezziG said...

This was a great interview. Helped with insight into your personality and as soon as I heard where you lived everything clicked into place. You really are influenced by where you live. Lovely work.

Anonymous said...

We're all very proud in Australia of our Maryanne. Fantastic interview, Tina, we all need to be encouraged and the artistic well fed with images and visual input. It is great to read what makes folks tick and how they come to create what they do. Lovely smorgasboard of M's work. Bianca

Maryanne said...

Thankyou so much for all the lovely comments ... it was so nice to turn my computer on this morning and read these ... so thankyou :)

Terri W said...

Wow, Maryanne's body of work just takes my breath away. By the way, thanks for the referral. I don't know what or when but google analytics shows this site as referring visitors to my shop.

TRush said...

Awesome interview. Thank you for sharing.

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