Sunday, January 24, 2010

On a personal notes I want to THANK everyone from the bottom of my heart, I was so thrilled to see that I now have over 100 followers ! 

THANK YOU.... THANK YOU.... THANK YOU !  What started out as a way to pass on some of my favorite artist on to the masses has turned into a new network of friends!

Please keep those wonderful comments about my write ups and each featured artist, and remember, if you know an artist that should be featured, just email me and I will be pleased to have a look !

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog *giggle*

I love my blog, the look, the colors, the great people that stop by to comment on my daily blogs but when I first started a blog, ewwwwww I hated the templates that blogger offered ! I so needed something that matched my artsy side and I found it at

This site has some of the coolest templates !  Your can also find some great templates at

I also love following the blogs of everyone following me, make sure that you share your blog with us all !

Maybe you too will find one that fits your style !

Till tomorrow ... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


Jackie said...

You're welcome. You have an interesting blog - so we all really LIKE reading it!!

I gave you the Sunshine Award:
but it shows up as a Thursday post because I messed up! Still, you're there!

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