Friday, February 5, 2010

I have a thing for jars...yes I am a self proclaimed jar hoarder ... it all started when I began working with polymer clay, I would be walking down the grocery lanes and stop and pick up an AMAZING shaped jar, who cares what came in it, I just wanted the JAR !

Well thanks to much support from the hubby "heck no we are not buying fried pig feet just for the JAR", I have found other outlets for my habit.. recycling yards !! Oh yeah my little heart just pitter patters at the thought ! One I am doing something good for the environment and two I get to find pretty jars !!!!

I love the thought of this tutorial but personally I would have to jazz my jar up with some polymer clay and find some odd shaped jars to mix it up just a bit !

What about you ...what might you do differently with this tutorial ?

For the full tutorial, pop over to whitneys mason jar lights. And as always, if you use this tutorial, please send me pictures !

Till tomorrow ..keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


amy said...

Bahahahahahaha! Pig's Feet! Love it! Great idea and I have the jar fever too. You should be the stand up comic of craft projects! Still laughing...

Anonymous said...

Amy, I use to be part of a Toastmaster's group in Iowa and I won 3 awards for humour at that time it was all about my girls and the things they said or did.

Hubby is always telling me I should have went into public speaking vs finance ...don't see it happening but I am glad I was able to give you a laugh ! I will get my try once I start teaching wire/jewelry and polymer clay classes this year.

I am home sick with the flu day 2 -- feeling better so must not have been "the flu" that and asthma keeps me home in bed ---bah humbug !

EyeDesire said...

hahahaha Great and funny story for sure!
Thanks for sharing with us Tina!

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