Monday, February 15, 2010

When I was out looking for artist to showcase, I came across Julie's shop and LOVED her tagline ~Useful meets Funky~ !!! Let begin getting to know Julie and her art !

DM: What is your artistic medium?
JD: My artistic medium is Crochet.

DM: Where can your art be seen?
JD: It can be seen on Etsy , Facebook fan page or my blog.

DM: When and how did you first become interested in your medium?
JD: I learned how to crochet when I was about 11 years old but it was not “cool” so I put down my hook and did not look back. Until about 3 years ago my back became really bad. I was off work a lot and bored out of my mind. My best friend came to my rescue. She came over one evening and showed me how to crochet. She taught her self just before she went on maternity leave. Ever since than I have been hooked!

DM: Once you decided to pursue your art, how did you start off, trial and error, books, classes, videos, formal schooling?
JD: Mostly just Saturday crochet nights with my friend. She helped me when I was stuck. I also bought books to help teach me as well.

DM: Out of what you tried, was there any particular thing that you would recommend to someone just starting out?
JD: Be patient. It takes time for your squares to be square and your circles to be circles. Just keep at it.
Patterns are a great way to learn. Everyone knows what a scarf looks like, so try and make one.

DM: What do you enjoy most about working with your medium?
JD: The end product. I love I can make something and people think its great. It nerve racking because I may think its cute others may not. Every artist puts a little of themselves in everything they make.

DM: What do you find the most frustrating?
JD: When I miss a stitch and need to rip my work out or if I am free handing a project and I just can’t figure something out.

DM: Where do you find your inspirations for what you create?
JD: I get my inspirations from life. Sometime it will come from a custom request, like the shrugs and shawls, I always wanted to make them, just never gave myself the time to try until someone asked for a custom order.
I try and create useful but funky items. I was tired of the boring paper coffee cozies , so I created one with colour and personality !

DM: Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations:
JD: My favorite creations are my slippers. My toes are always cold and I hate wearing bare feet at peoples homes. I wanted something that was cute and warm and girly.

DM: Have you ever experienced artist block and how did you overcome it?
JD: I do. I think the best way for me to overcome it was to put my hooks down and walk away from crocheting for a day or two. Another way is to look at new patterns, sometimes creating a new pattern helps get the creativity flowing again.

DM: What is the biggest mistake you have ever made as an artist? What did you learn from it?
JD: I don't know what my biggest mistake was, but I have had a lot of learning experience from selling online. I think we all learn from our mistakes and move on. I have learned a lot about crocheting and works for me.

DM: Would you please tell about your studio set-up?
JD: I don't really have one. I love to crochet in front of the television at night watching my favorite shows. I have my yarn organized in a cube shelving unit. Although, it doesn't stay very organized very long. I keep all finish product in an old dresser.

DM: When is your favorite time to create?
JD: I guess I answered that above, but I love crocheting at night. My favorite night is Saturday. That's when I meet my friend for a crochet/movie night. Its awesome.. Plus sometimes we throw in some midnight shopping.

DM: What advise would you give someone starting out in this medium?
JD: Be patient, enjoy it and don't give up. Took me forever to master the square.

DM: Tell us a bit about yourself.
JD: I am 28 years old. I recently began my career as a law clerk and I am loving it. I live in a apartment with my common law partner, Patrick. I love to crochet, yarn shopping, gadgets and reading. I love walking out doors and doing tourist type things.

Thank you Julie for a look at how you go about making your funky art ! We all wish you the best for the rest of 2010 !

Till tomorrow ... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


EyeDesire said...

Nice winter wear! I used to crochet too and made many different things. It has been a while since I made one so I get this urge to make one whenever I see beautifully crochetted items! Unfortunately, 24 hours a day seem too short.

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