Monday, February 1, 2010

This artist does a stunning job with her mixing of colors and silver .... let's get started learning more about Jung Rodgers and her Etsy shop -- Eye Desire !

DM: What is your artistic medium?
ED: The majority of items in my shop are made of precious and semi-precious stones, sterling and fine silver, 24k gold vermeil, and 14k gold fill. I sometimes use Swarovski Crystals and other beautiful and sparkling crystals.

DM: Where can your art be seen?
ED: As of now, only at Etsy.

DM: When and how did you first become interested in your medium?
ED: A few years ago, one of my best friends gave me few pieces of jewelry she made and I was fascinated by the beauty of stones and crystals.  Most of all, her work captured my heart.  I didn’t know anything about jewelry making or materials that can be used to make gorgeous jewelry so I started looking into the jewelry making, and I learned great deal of mediums I can be used to create a piece of art.

DM: Once you decided to pursue your art, how did you start off, trial and error, books, classes, videos, formal schooling?
ED: I bought few different types of jewelry making books and learned the basics.  I also watched few videos from YouTube and purchased few tutorials from on-line on wiring techniques.  I practiced certain techniques and starting to draw designs I had in my mind.

DM: Out of what you tried, was there any particular thing that you would recommend to someone just starting out?
ED: Practice, practice, practice! 
Learn about the materials you are going to use so that you can provide information to your customers when they have questions.

DM: What do you enjoy most about working with your medium?
ED: I enjoy handling different types of stones.  Each stone has unique hues that can be mixed with other mediums.  A piece of jewelry with a great color and medium combination gives a balanced look or even a feeling of serenity. 
DM: What do you find the most frustrating?
ED: I am very patient person so I don’t get frustrated easily.  When things don’t work out as I designed or expected, I know it is time for me to just walk away from it and get some fresh air to rejuvenate myself.

DM: Where do you find your inspirations for what you create?
ED: My inspirations usually come from Mother Nature and its surroundings.  Shape and color of my creation is strongly influenced by nature such as trees, animals, flowers, ocean, sky, clouds, and rain, snow, ice, people, etc.     

DM: Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations:
ED: “Forever in Love” is one of my favorite creations.  When I saw Hill Tribe sterling silver beads, I immediately had this design in my head.  Shiny Hill Tribe silver compliments earthy tone of Smoky Quartz so well that they give balanced look. 

DM: Have you ever experienced artist block and how did you overcome it?
ED: I usually walk away from whatever I was doing and do something different.  I go out for walk with my husband, or bake something, or just watch a movie or two.  It helps me to refresh my mind.

DM: Would you please tell about your studio set-up?
ED: I use my living room/office as my studio.  I have my laptop on a desk and all tools and materials are kept in individual boxes so that I can access to them easily. 

DM: When is your favorite time to create?
ED: I usually create my jewelry at night.  I have a full time job so I need to take care of daily chores first when I get home.

DM: What advice would you give someone starting out in this medium?
ED: Make sure to know and understand the characteristics of mediums you are going to use so that you can store your materials and finished items appropriately.

DM: Are there any artists that inspire you or that you admire?
ED: HeeSoon Choi, the artist of  I stumbled into her work when I read the story about her and her work through  Her work was amazing and fascinating, but more than anything I was inspired by her kindness, humbleness, and genuine respect for others. 
We became friends, and I’m grateful for our friendship. 

DM: Tell us a bit about yourself.
ED: I live in Texas with a loving family. I’m married to a wonderful man named Mark who supports my dream of creating beautiful jewelry, and together, we have a wonderful son, Bryce, 20 who is in college. My mother who is inspiration of my life also lives with us, and I have a 7 year old female Cocker Spaniel named Boree.

I’ve always loved to create and make different things with my hands since I was a child, but somehow my life took different routes of professions all those years - I have been in accounting/finance field for over 20 years, and still have a full time job as an accounting manager. So, here I am exploring and using the other side of my brain to be more creative.

DM: Anything else you wish to share?
ED: Don’t worry, be happy!

DM: One of my favorite lines ! Jung we wish you all the best or 2010 and thank you again for talking the time to talk to us !

Till tomorrow .... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


Maryanne said...

Such beautiful jewellery ... love her work. Thankyou for sharing :)

EyeDesire said...

Thank you so much for featuring my items!
I've been telling people to see it! ^_^

Jackie said...

Lovely work! I enjoyed learning about her and wish the best results from this publicity. It's very nice of you to feature people, Tina.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to share Jung's work, hope this will help her in her 2010 sales !

amy said...

Lovely items! I'm going to take her advice and bake something next time I run into a creative snag...something good to eat usually gets ALL my creative juices flowing again!

Anonymous said...

I love both Jung and her designs.
Her designs are romantic and classic just like her;)
She is as beautiful as her designs and I have no doubt that she will be a successful seller in no time!

Thank you for featuring her;)

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