Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh what I could do with some of these !

Ametrine : Another example for Ametrine from the brazil/bolivian border. This one is more closed to the amethyst with only small Citrine sections and still one of my favorite pieces in this new design.
15.37 cts., 16.9 x 11.7 mm

Orthoclase: This is my last new design for 2009. It is a sevensided brilliant-design with two stars: a big one and a tiny one inside the big. The name is "Hepta-Star". 5.38 cts., 12.5 x 7.7 mm

Rutil-Quartz (one of my FAVORITE stones to work with) Reddish golden Rutile-Needles in clear, white quartz from Brasil. Faceted into Tom Herbst´s swirling "Figaro"-Design. 16.37cts., 16.7x 12.4 mm

Girasol : One more of the fine Girasols I have faceted during the last weeks. This is the new computation of the older "YinYang"-design. Now it has 41 facets and some more contrasty sparkle. It was found on the gem-island of Madagascar and is eyeclean with little silk and light golden reflexes. 11.72cts., 16.2 x 11.2 mm

Smoky Quartz "Glacial Ice"

Smoky Quartz "Bar Round"

Topaz "Phase"

To see more of their selection, visit Osirisgems.com
Till tomorrow ... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


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