Friday, February 12, 2010

Personal Note :::: In the hospital (pout)

Wow, what a week it has been, I was put in the hospital with pnenomia (sp) on Tue and looking like I may be here all weekend (pout) but I am blessed and finally able to get online (yea) and feeling well enough to set up, still on oxgen, you will have to excuse the mis-spelling but I want to thank everyone for visiting and commenting, it really was nice to read !

Wishing you all the best !
Tina aka Daily Muse


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you're feeling much better soon! There seems to be quite a bit of that going around. Rest up!

amy said...

NOT GOOD! Have the nurses blinged-out your oxy tank yet? I want to make sure you have sufficient gorgeousness surrounding you! FEEL BETTER, Tina...we're sending out some strong inner-muse to make you BETTER! XOXO!

Your Daily Muse News said...

Thank you ladies, hubby bought me my craft books but it is too hard to read and not get to do anything and the meds have me to shaky to draw.....ohhhhhh I think I see crayons on my next wish list LOL ...but seriously... thank you, this really was a scare I thought it was just another bad asthma attach and now I am looking at 10 days in the hosp...poor all out this flu--wash your hands and stay healthy !


coltpixy said...

Hope that you are feeling better and get to go home soon.

Its All About Creating said...

I've been, rest, and more rest. Take it easy and get better soon. Glad you are on the mend. - Marlene

Suanough said...

Oh Tina, get lots of rest and just relax... I had that bug not long ago and it really takes everything out of you.

Read when you can and sleep often!

Glad you're doing better...

Health and hugs to you,

Faebymckay said...

Oh Tina,
That's awful! Last time we "spoke" via e-mail you said you weren't feeling well; I am sorry it got so serious! Sending you wishes for health and recuperation.

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