Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome to Phil Hauser Sculpture !!!

Sculptor Philip Hauser captures both the sensuality of the female form and the spiritual qualities that the form reveals in his exquisite limited edition bronze sculptures. From the vulnerability and courage expressed in his Joan of Arc pieces to the grace and elegance of his dancers, these beautiful pieces are sure to add to the artistic ambiance of your home.

Philip Hauser has been a professional sculptor for over thirty years. He was born in Minnesota and attended the University of Wisconsin, but California has been his home for the majority of his career. At the age of 21 he was hired by a fine gift company to set up their bronze foundry and run their sculpting and molding department. Here he learned the technical skills that formed the basis for his work as a commercial and fine-art sculptor. He later joined with his brother Joel to establish a successful custom jewelry store which his brother still owns and operates in Cambria.

After leaving the jewelry business Philip started a pewter foundry and worked in the gift and collectible market. His clients were large international companies such as Dakin, Applause, Dosign Gifts, and Hamilton. During this time he became one of the top freelance sculptors for all the major toy companies. For the past seventeen years Philip has worked for Mattel, Galloob, Hasbro, Tyco, Playmates, Just Toys and many others. There are probably toys in your child’s toybox that have felt the hands of Philip Hauser in their birth process! He also works with the licensing departments of all the major studios including Universal, Fox, Disney, Sony and Warner Brothers.

This wide body of experience has given the artist an intimate working knowledge of anatomy and the dynamics of human movement. But far from being sterile academic exercises, Philip’s fine art bronzes stir with a vivid inner life. And like most artists, he is capable in many media, including two-dimensional work. A Hauser landscape painting in oil received the Grand Prize in the Cambria Allied Arts juried fine art show in 2007. Recently he painted all the figurative elements of a 6300 sq ft fine art mural in a residential estate winery. Local girls were chosen as models for this pre-war Italy vineyard subject mural called “Golden Vintage”. He’s also taught sculpting at the California Sculptors Symposium.

Phillip Hauser lives and works in Cambria, California.

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Wow, those are wonderful and amazing art work!! I love the lady with a violin!! Look at her face - she is really into music! Wow!

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