Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trends.... as a designer we are always looking for what will be the next big trend and my thought always goes to if this is something I can design around. Many of my items are more of what I like to wear, how do you design .... do you make something that will be seen as trendy and hot or do you design what makes you happy ? I will be interested in your reponses !

In the mean time, here is what the fashion trends are lining up for Fall 2010 ....

Bold Statements, Mixed Media
Big, bold statement jewelry – whether it’s a chunky cuff, an oversize opulent cocktail ring, or this season’s front runner, the “Statement Necklace” – this is the season for size.

These trend designs for Fall 2010 jewelry are fabulous when focused on mixed media.

The more unique the mix, the better the look.

Strong Motifs

Don’t shy away from strong imagery this season.

Snakes, elephants, flowers, birds, and coins are some of the most popular motifs.

These elements add a very particular mood to a collection so find one that you like and then style it in a way that makes it your own.

Emphasize a motif by repeating it in many different ways.

For example: a necklace dripping with metal textured elephants, enamel elephants, carved wood elephants, and mixed with cords and chains can be a statement piece.

Applying chains in a snake-like pattern to a fabric frontal necklace can evoke the feeling of the snake without actually using the image.

Mixing and layering colorful flowers in fabrics, beads, and metals can create a romantic statement.


Remember to use plating finishes to send the right mood message.

Shiny surfaces evoke a more traditional status feeling and burnished platings can create an antique and nostalgic mood.

Mix them for a truly modern and versatile look.

Fun with Fringe

Fringed necklaces in chains, beads, and mixed media are red hot now and will continue to be hot for Fall / Winter 2010.

The All-Important Earring

The size of earrings is definitely getting larger.

However, there will always be a customer looking for style in small and medium earrings.

The key to larger earrings for Fall 2010 is keeping them lightweight.

Using filigree stampings as a base to suspend motifs, charms, chains and beads from is a good way to do this.

Creating webs of linked chains is also a unique way to gain size without the weight.

The use of color is important in earrings, and murano glass beads have a wonderful finish that is not only popular right now, but is highly saleable.

Failsafe 2010 Fall Jewelry Colors

The must-have colors for the season are deep greens and rich purples.

Accent these colors with teal and fuchsia.

Set these colors in antique worn gold or gunmetal gray platings.

This is a winning palette because it is on trend, and has had positive selling in past seasons.

Jewelry Sets

Always create trios of looks in your line – for every necklace there should be a great earring and bracelet to coordinate.

In my career I have always noted that American women like to purchase jewelry that matches.

Completing a woman’s look for her makes her shopping experience great, and your sales even better!

Till tomorrow ... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


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I so agree you about strong designs - not necessary statement jewelry but bold elements. Just what I like!

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