Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jememy May is a paper artist --- Paper is many things: a carrier of text, illustration, history and emotion.

Jeremy May has captured the beauty of paper via a unique laminating process. Littlefly jewellery is made by laminating hundreds sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing to a high gloss. The paper is selected and carefully removed from a book, and the jewellery re-inserted in the excavated space.

Each piece is impossible to replicate, and is unique to the wearer. The beauty of the jewels extends within the piece: text and images pass all the way though the object, only exposed at the surfaces – giving a tantalising glimpse of the book within.

I don't know about you but I do not think I will look at paper the same way !

You can see more of this artist work at
Till tomorrow ... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

So striking and intriguing! Gorgeous, unique work.

EyeDesire said...

Bold and unique!! Beautiful work!

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