Monday, April 26, 2010

Yosi works with such passion and grace with each wood sculpture, it was a pleasure to interview him... let's begin !

DM: What is your artistic medium?
YP: I work with wood, natural olive, cherry, oke, mahogany and others. My material is mostly trees that ended their lives. I work with them and give them a new life. I sometimes combine glass, mirror, metal or stone materials in my works.

DM: Where can your art be seen?
YP: At my home studio and in and I'm also working on a website.

DM: When and how did you first become interested in your medium?
YP: Since I was a small kid in the "Kibbutz", I used to spend hours in the local wood workshop.
I've been working with wood all my life.

DM: Once you decided to pursue your art, how did you start off, trial and error, books, classes, videos, formal schooling?
YP: Many trials and errors, watching skilled craftsmen at work, and a continuous self-exploration of various materials such as wood, metal, glass and stone.

DM: Out of what you tried, was there any particular thing that you would recommend to someone just starting out?
YP: Combine your own personal originality with the endless experience of others. Be open to absorb, and give your heart the freedom to create.

DM: What do you enjoy most about working with your medium?
YP: The most magical feeling I experience when working with the natural wood, is when two points meet together: The original tree's expression, enhanced by my inspiration and touch.

DM: What do you find the most frustrating?
YP: When reaching this "meeting point" is delayed...

DM: Where do you find your inspirations for what you create?
YP: Most of my inspiration comes from daily-life experiences, and when I come in contact with the "right" tree or wood material. In many cases the tree itself is the trigger to the creation.

DM: Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations:
YP: My favorite creation is my last creation - a 2.5 meter high Olive tree mirror. This work is a combination of wonderful raw material and all my gained experience up to this point.

DM: Have you ever experienced artist block and how did you overcome it?
YP: Yes. Frustration is sometimes a part of the creationism process. I try to get the most out of it, by using the energy of those pressure points to the benefit of the work.

DM: What is the biggest mistake you have ever made as an artist? What did you learn from it?
YP: It's really hard to choose one example. Mistakes take place many times and make grate contribution to my artistic progress.

DM: Would you please tell about your studio set-up?
YP: The studio set-up is defined by the specific project I'm working on. My studio contains professional machinery. I have a large collection of hand tools, since most of the work is done by hand.

DM: When is your favorite time to create?
YP:In the evening.

DM: What advise would you give someone starting out in this medium?
YP:Don't let the fear of frustration hold you back – if you keep trying and follow your truth – you will succeed.

DM: Are there any artists that inspire you or that you admire?
YP: I deeply respect Salvador Dally and Auguste Rodin.

DM: Tell us a bit about yourself.
YP: Born 1959 and the father of two sons. I grew-up in Kibbutz Ein-Gedi in Israel.
I spent about 10 years living in the United States and Canada, learning to work with different types of wood and carpentry techniques. Today I live and create in Israel.

DM: Anything else you wish to share?
YP: Thank you Tina and Your Daily Muse News for the platform.
I would love to get replies and questions to my email:

Take care and keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


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