Sunday, April 11, 2010

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I make jewelry for casual and formal wearI make wire-sculpted pendants and bracelets. I make polymer clay items and what I call my standby, stand alone jewelry. The stand alone jewelry are items made with sterling silver, 14K gold filled, semi precious stone beads and Swarovski crystals and pearls.

With Swarovski pearls and crystals I tell you the color I used. That way an item with Swarovski Rose crystals for example will be the same exact color of any other item with a Swarovski Rose crystal used in it as well.

Some jewelry is made as sets like a necklace, bracelet and earring set.
I can match or coordinate crystals,pearls, or stone with a swatch of material.

Now, I don't do jewelry ALL the time----just most of the time. When I'm not making jewelry, you'll find me taking care of 2 dogs, being "Grandma's Taxi Service", cooking, or doing laundry. All that stuff. Oh by the way, I also do criminal background searches for a Private Eye Firm. So a potential employer knows if the applicant has a misdemeanor or felony conviction record.

I'm a grandmother of 4, living with my daughter and her family. Jewelry occupies my time while the grands are at school. When they are home I plan what to make next. My latest is polymer clay jewelry.Polymer clay is loads of fun, but very demanding. You condition it, blend with other colors or make canes with it. Once your happy with what you made you bake it, then sand it from 200 to 1000 grit sandpaper. Then you glaze your masterpiece and bake again. Then you are ready to turn it into jewelry. It takes a long time----hours, but you have a one of a kind handmade item You won't find another one exactly the same in the world. So my items are truely "Made For You and You Alone".

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Tina aka Daily Muse


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