Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello dear reader, I know that you'll be expecting to hear from Tina, however, there are problems in blogland and all is not well! At the moment, Tina cannot get in to create new posts, but hopefully the difficulties will be resolved soon.

At this point I should probably introduce myself! I am Alita and I am going to be helping Tina with "Your Daily Muse News". Please bear with me while I familiarise myself with the blog, I just hope that I can be as entertaining as she is.

Being a practising artist, I am, like most of you are I imagine, fascinated with the work of other artists, which is what led me to find "Your Daily Muse News". What a great idea, I thought, to showcase such diverse artistic disciplines and thereby give inspiration to others.

When Tina announced that she would like some help with the blog, I jumped at the chance to be involved with such a worthwhile site.

Till tomorrow ... keep creating ! Alita on behalf of Tina aka Your Daily Muse News