Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Artist wrote: This dreamy handmade pair of Peruvian thread earrings would go perfectly with your autumn wardrobe. Casual or dressy, these thread earrings will create instant glamorous look! The fine thread used are shimmery and really thin. These peruvian thread earrings are big yet delicate. The frames were built using coated copper wire. They're so low maintenance since the wire wouldn't tarnish. I love how warm and sparky these earrings are.

You can find more of this artist work at


msjazz79 said...

absolutely BEAUITFUL EARRINGS!!! Does this artist have a website to buy her jewelry, please inform. Very interested in unique well made large peruvian thread earrings.

msjazz79 said...

oh never mind I see the link below the picture, very beautiful in deed

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