Thursday, November 26, 2009

I thought with this being Thanksgiving day in the USA, I would showcase something turkey related and found the perfect artist ! She makes an array of various miniature fun food items.

Artist wrote : What is Thanksgiving without a turkey? Make this juicy roasted turkey the main course on your Hitty doll's Thanksgiving table. Now includes biscuits and a bowl of peas!

A realistic looking bird, you might be tempted to carve it, but don't! This turkey set may also be used for Christmas and Easter or whenever holiday a turkey dinner would hit the spot.

This Thanksgiving turkey, biscuit, and peas set is handmade by me and was created especially for 6~1/4" tall Hitty and dolls of similar size. This roasted turkey will arrive loose with a metal "platter" surrounded by a bed of lettuce, black olives, and carrots garnish. The baked turkey and vegetable garnishes will arrive loose and will need to be arranged on the platter. I would have glued everything down.

Six biscuits included. Four biscuits fit into the small bowl provided, plus two extra biscuits. All biscuits are loose, not glued to the bowl. Peas are glued to clay bowl.

The turkey alone measures 2~1/8" long. Sale includes turkey, garnishes, metal platter, six biscuits in a bowl, and a bowl of peas.

You can see more of this artist work at

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday !


amy said...

I've loved this artist's work for a long time...whimsical, fun...everything I longed for to put on my doll house table as a child. I love the attention she gives to detail and am so glad she follows her heart in what she does. It's to our benefit to be so amused!

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