Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Got back to Texas around 1 am Monday morning... needless to say slept till noon but WOW WHAT a WONDERFUL class, my mind is on overdrive with everything I learned this weekend !

I was laying out on the hammock enjoying some great Texas sunshine (let me tell you, I LOVE my hammock) and every time I would see a flower or a little lizard my mind would start whizzing with color schemes ... I have a new outlook thanks to Julie and her take on colors !

I must say Julie Picarello is just as sweet and fun in person as everyone had said she would be AND her teaching skills are AMAZING !!

I walked away with 3 or 4 newly made pendants and yes I promise to do a better write up later this week sharing even more about my wonderful time and some great pictures, but I am exhausted and planning an early night.... then the day job take over and I may not get a chance to post again for a couple day ... but rest assured, YDMN will soon be back on track !

I also want to put a huge thank you to the
CMSPCG (MS PC Guild) for being so welcoming, talk about southern hospitality, I never felt so at home ! I will be writing more about this outstanding group also !

For now... off to bed and till later this week ... keep creating !
Tina aka Your Daily Muse News


Arlene Harrison said...

I agree completely with Tina! We had such a good time and learned so much. My mind felt like it was crammed full of ideas and inspiration by the time I left Sunday afternoon. Tina, it was a pleasure meeting you and that crazy husband of yours! I hope to see ya'll again in October!

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tina is right!

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