Friday, April 9, 2010

You can read more about this artist Bio from Etsy Metal Blogspot

"Malodora is D Dee Wilder. I first took notice of her work when I saw a photo of an experimental bracelet she had made, on flickr. Her work is organic; alive - and it comes as no surprise to learn that she worked for many years as a research entomologist and a nature photographer, it's very obvious that this in-depth knowledge informs not just her work but her whole aesthetic. You get the feeling it's likely that if you took once of her incredible bracelets apart you'd find a biologically correct nudibranch."

I found her work to be so enlightening, each piece called out to me in a different way and I hope you will enjoy a glimpse at this artist talents.  Enjoy, she has over 52 wonderful pages of eye candy !

You can see more of this artist work at &
Till tomorrow ... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


Carol Dean said...

I have loved Dee's work since I first spotted it on Flickr and talked her into selling me one of her gorgeous pendants.

I'm so happy I was able to coax her into joining Etsy and then joining our Bead Art Originals team. She is an amazing artist and a wonderful woman!

:-) MaryLou said...

I love love love Dee's work! And, just as Carol Dean said, she is an amazing artist and a wonderful woman; and I'm proud to be a co-member of Bead Art Originals with her.

I'm the lucky owner of quite a number of her pieces... one of her nudibranch bracelets, a whole bunch of her Natasha beads and her lathe turned beads, some of her polymer and copper beads, a necklace... hmmm. I think I have an addiction. :-)

gwenbeads said...

A very talented artist.

Triz Designs said...

I love Malodora's incredible work especially those gorgeous micro-mosaics!!!

Dawn Chastain said...

Dee is truly a unique artist! The creations that emerge from her clay are unbelievable. It is always a treat for the eyes to see what she has created.The pieces are so alive and make you wonder what life giving abilities she gives her clay.

Malodora said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful feature. You made my day!!

mishall magarzo said...

i like this site so much!

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