Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I found this fabulous artist out of the UK, her website states she is currently living and working aboard a ketch sailing boat named Lady Rosemary. WOW, now if that is not impressive enough, wait till you see her jewellery !

Anita shared on her “about me” page that all the jewellery shown on her site is handmade from scratch, at her workbench. Silver is cut using a piercing saw and soldered with silver solder of various melting temperatures, using a propane torch. She also uses other techniques such as hammering and filing to shape the silver.

I was simply enamored with her Rainbow Butterfly Handmade Silver Bracelet

What really caught my eye was her amazing array of Handmade Silver Lockets, the craftsmanship is amazing. The babyfoot print locket would just make the perfect gift for a new mother !

You can see more of her work at


amy said...

Hmmm, wondering if that is titanium or niobium it's formed over? Very interesting pieces! I hope the talented artist enjoys her voyage and can come back and answer some of our questions! Very interesting array of things. Thanks Muse!

lucidRose said...

I have always been a sucker for lockets. Beautiful piece of art, thanks for hipping me to her work!

best wishes
-Chelsea Rose

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