Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jon Anderson Fimo Creations

I know I already did a showcase of an amazing polymer clay artist this week and I like to keep things fresh but I could not help myself while I was out searching the web for more interesting artist and came across Jon Anderson, he has been coined the sculptor for the discerning collector and the foremost polymer clay artist in the world today. His amazing technique has been honed by over a decade of hard work, creative vision and dedication to the demanding art of polymer clay sculpture.

Looking for a little background I found he was born in Kingman, Arizona, and studied art at the Universidad de las Americas and holds a master’s degree from Texas A & M University (home town boy!)

He is described on many web pages as an accomplished painter, sculptor and jewelry designer. One site said that he has lived among an incredibly diverse cross section of the world’s people, from Central America to the Far East. You will notice that his Fimo designs show influences of classical Moorish motifs, Native American spirit figures, ancient petroglyphs, Celtic themes, and more.

He uses the incredible intricacies of millifoire glass concept and applied a similar techniques to creating fimo canes and the subsequent tiles that he then places on various animal shapes. To me, the detail he takes with each of his animals is simply amazing !  Here have a look at some more of his mind blowing work .....

Hope you enjoyed this look at the wonders of Jon Anderson !

You can find more of his work here!=A&ID=783 and just do a Google search under Jon Anderson Fimo !

Till tomorrow.... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


WonderfulWire said...

Absolutely beautiful technique!! One of those kinds of creative inspirations that makes a person say "Oh! I wish I could do that!" Truly marvelous!

MoonlightBeadworks said...

Extraordinary craftsman! I'm am in awe of his creations. So glad you found these beautiful pieces of art to showcase.

EyeDesire said...

Wow, wonderful pieces of art! They are amazing!

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