Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daydreem Designs's - Unique Glass Engraving

Today's artist hand engraves using a high speed rotary tool and diamond burrs. There are no acids, chemicals or sand blasting used to create his special engravings, every glass is one of a kind and there will never be two pieces exactly alike. His engravings are not traced and every design is created freehand with only slight variances from the shown images.

Would these just not make the perfect gifts for just about anyone !  You can see more of his work at http://www.etsy.com/shop/daydreemdesigns


Inbar Bareket said...

One of may favorite artists on Etsy! I adore her work - she makes amazing engravings! Especially I love the last ones!

I love glass - It is always fascinate me. I was in Prague few years ago and I went to see how they make the Chrystal glasses - I couldn't move from there!

amy said...

Absolutely stunning! Half the beauty is that you have the juxtaposition of the design on the other side coming through when you look at it. Truly stunning. I cannot imagine having such a stunning hand. I hope all appreciate the free form nature of her work. Thanks Muse! Another winner! : )

Anonymous said...

Astonishing! Work of this caliber is truly hard to find. Daydreemdesigns, where have you been? After closer look into your work on your Etsy page, I realize just how unique each piece is. I am looking forward to acquiring some of your pieces.
Best of Luck to you and yours.
Thank You Muse.
Great Choice!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Daily Muse,

We appreciate your acknowledgment and applaud your display of all those who create from the heart as we do. Thank you for finding my passion and portraying it as a like minded interest of yours.

Every day offers another chance to build and grow through the previous days work and brings us all closer to whom we really are.

Hold On Tight To Your Dreams'
Michael & Aimee

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