Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve Day ! Our family tradition allows each person to open one gift the night before Christmas, then we put our milk and cookies out for Santa and send the kids to bed AND then the real work began....I fondly remember many a night trying to beat the clock with the "some assembly required" gifts !

My 2 girls are now 22 and 19, so not many more of those late nights but the memories will always be there !

Here is my family wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas Eve ... for today's blog I thought we would enjoy a look at some awesome Christmas ornaments !

Winter Joy Ornament

Green Quilted Ornament

Christmas Tile Necklace (not an ornament but I thought too pretty to not share!)

Hand Painted Ornaments

Southwest Bulb

Recycled Tin Dress Holiday Ornament

Curlique Flowers - Hand Cut Hanging Kirigami Mandala

"Let it Snow!"

Handblown amber glass ornament

Ballet Students

Till tomorrow .... keep creating and peace on earth !
Tina aka Daily Muse


Margo Crane said...

I have recently found your blog and enjoy it very much. Today's topic was so beautiful. The perfect choice. Your Christmas Eve sounds exactly like ours used to be (our youngest is now 32). Thanks for the memories!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Margo and thank you for the note, glad you enjoyed. Merry Christmas to you also !

amy said...

It's always nice to share stories of holiday traditions...nice to get to know you and your family! The ornaments are AMAZING...the tile necklace and snowman with a drippy nose have my laughing out loud here. I'm busy working and preparing for the family to come over tonight and what a lovely (and inspiring) break to "check in" with the Muse! I am grateful for the daily meditation you provide. Thanks Tina, and Merry Christmas Eve!

Nancy said...

For quilted ornaments pattern, look on (seller: NancyTroyer) OR ebay seller id planetkc.123 I love making these and am very happy to share the pattern! Super easy to read, understand and you can make these in NO sewing required!! YEAH, THANKS

Trish - said...

I love your quilted ornaments. They are beautiful with ribbon. They are also fun to do with polymer clay! I have a tutorial available for the same design in clay at Poly Clay Play! It is a fun project offered by Abby Moore.

Anonymous said...

oh Trish a new tutorail WONDERFUL !

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