Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Forgery - Metal Sculpture

My husband found our artist of the day and he did good, this artist's work is pretty impressive ! We do some "yard art" but nothing that even comes close!

I found a bit more information about The Forge on their website

"The forgery was formed when two work colleagues joined forces to create metal sculpture. They have the aim of producing unique pieces of art that would not look out of place in an average garden or home and also be affordable to all.

Most of the designs fashioned in their Essex studio are derived from nature or have an organic feel to them, the most popular pieces being the giant insects and spiders on webs. The designs can be practical, such as the spider web pond guards or purely for visual appeal.

It's an amazing sight to see a metal dragonfly with a 4ft wingspan, shimmering in the sunlight, 'hovering' above your pond or flower beds."

If you pop over to the website, they have videos and slideshows of the work in process. I just took a sample of what they have to offer for today's showcase..........

You can also find more amazing pictures at their DeviantArt page  and FaceBook
Till tomorow .... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


amy said...

From miniature to Gigantic! I love it! You cover it all! Absolutely fascenating! WHOA! I'd love to know how someone goes about making a work that large...what sort of welding process and patina...truly, beautiful work! Thank you Muse and Mr. Muse! Perhaps you'll interview this artist one day?

Your Daily Muse News said...

You know me Amy, I have already emailed him asking for an interview ! Let's cross our fingers !

Inbar Bareket said...
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Inbar Bareket said...

A M A Z I N G !

I like your husband :-)
You do great articles... looking forward for Amy's interview tomorrow!

EyeDesire said...

Wow, wonderful art pieces! They are amazing!

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