Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cool Furniture found on Etsy

Every weekend hubby and I work on the house, we are lucky as we have a 4 bedroom house with a huge front area that is currently being turned into a teaching / meeting room, pretty much, we find that we are using nearly 60% of the house for our arts and crafts.  Withi this in mind, I was in the mood to go out and see what great treasures might be lurking from our Etsy artist.

A Wandering Soul offers us an array of stone lamps, pretty cool if you ask me !

ArtNuJo has this amazing floating coffee table, I am sure I can find a spot for this one !

Melzn2art has this fantastic hand painted side table, I have tried my hand at this type of art, but this artist leaves me in the dust, outstanding !

IncredibleCat offers the pampered kitty the ultimate kitty condo !

Not to be outdone SandHOriginations offers designer bunk beds for your pampered pooch!

WaterDropWorkShop has this wild rocking chair !

And for our little ones barzillawoods offers the jaw dropping pirate I can think of some "big boys" that would love something like this !!!

Till tomorrow ...keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


amy said...

Once again you stun me with a breath and depth of work I find amazing! It's really helping me get my head out of the sand and look around! I like that all of these are forms of expression but are also useful, fuctional items. And the divergence in styles...they stir my soul! I think I'm going to paint my dining room table now so THANKS Muse for the inspiration once again!

Karen M said...

Love the pirate bed, makes me wish I had boys instead of girls. Thanks for following my blog, I've been reading your blog for quite a while. Both inspirational and thought provoking.

Laura said...

Very fun funiture ideas, and love the shoes! Thanks for showing our cat condo! Laura

vetone said...

Thanks so much for including our dog bunk bed and our shop in your listing. S and H Originations

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