Friday, December 4, 2009

Who out there is familair with DeviantArt.Com ?

DeviantArt.Com is another of my favorite websites to view new and upcoming artist and their work. If you are not familiar with DA, it is a free social group type of service that allows you to interact with other fellow "deviants", one thing I really loved when I was just starting out was the great feed back you receive on your newly posting piece. DA was one of my early dip into the online social groups and they have gotten so much more advanced in the 2 years I have been with them ! Everyone is really willing to help you learn and grow as an artist ! Today I am going a bit out there and featuring several of the artist that I follow. is from Poland, her work always has something beautiful and full of sparkles that draws my eye. I adore the way she took the natural shell and wire-wrapped the top with soft delicate swirls.

Another artist I follow is , this guy just gets me with all the different items he uses in his jewelry, I first noticed him because of his fork, yes FORK, jewelry but he has branched out and now is using everything from resin to fruit in his art, he even has some great steam-punk items! He can be on Etsy but to truly see his total collection of different art, you need to check out his DA gallery !

This Polish artist works with wood and amber is positively inspiring ! The amber just GLOWs in all her hand carved wood pieces.. stunnnnnning !!

This DA artist from Germany is a new person I started following, his drawings bring out a smile or that "" just about every time I see his newly posted drawings

The picture I am about to show you just called to me, I had to buy it, it now hangs on my office wall at work and the running joke is that those cute little pink creatures munching on the gal are all my muses that will not let mind slow down enough to actually get some work done !!

I just love the whimsical part of this whole necklace and earring set by this Ukraine artist at, just how fun would this be to wear !

Hope you enjoyed today's blog posting and be warned DA can be very addictive, you will be viewing one artist after another for hours !

Take care,
Tina aka Your Daily Muse !


amy said...

I LOVE this post, Muse. I AM familiar with Deviantart, and lots of artists on it. The array of work you've posted is truly fascenating and quite a nice, g-rated indication of what is ON that site. It really is full of wonderful art, craft and photography. Thank you for reminding me! Brilliant things!

Your Daily Muse News said...

Thank you Amy, glad you enjoyed ! I really love your support of our site !

Inbar Bareket said...

Thank you Muse!
I metalsmiting these days and not hanging around the net and - you've succeeded to move me from my table.

Great collection you made!
I am looking forward to you next post on Monday!

Jeremiah said...

I'm glad you like my art :) Thank you very much!

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