Saturday, December 5, 2009

Now I know you are expecting some great work of art but I was on facebook and came across a FREE down-loadable Artisan In Miniature MAGAZINE!

I have never really got into the miniature polymer clay thing, but this is simply one amazing on-line magazine and I felt I needed to share the love !

So then I started wondering, hmmmmmmm what might I find on Etsy if I do a search of miniature and WOW, some very amazing work ! It is strange, I deal with setting small stones and working with a tiny torch but these people have me outclassed when it comes to the polymer clay miniatures !

Of course I could not do a blog without some eye candy so ENJOY both the pictures and the magazine (found at






PS, we just had SNOW in Houston, so Sunday's blog maybe a bit delayed cause this gal may be doing wine and a fireplace on the night before and some snuggling in Sunday morning but make sure and join us for our MONDAY INTERVIEW with Amy Taylor, your are going love learning more about this talented artist!

Disclaimer for the AIM magazine's content is for private use only and it must not be reproduced in part or in full for commercial gain in any form. Each artisan contributor is responsible for their own work / contribution to the AIM magazine and retain full responsibility for their published work.

Take care,
Tina aka Daily Muse


Ginger Babies said...

Thank you so much for including my Soldier Ornament in your picks :) You have a great blog, love the posts! I will definately post this page on my FB so my friends can keep up with you.

Your Daily Muse News said...

Thanks Ginger, we love more readers and your little soldier guy was too adorable to leave out !

riorita said...

Beautiful items created from Polymer clay. I love all of them!

Helen said...

Its an honor to have my sushi bracelet in your collection. Thank you very much! You have a very interesting blog, you kept me browsing thru wonderfl artists' sites. More power!

amy said...

Oh Helen, I MUST have one of your sushi bracelets and I'm going to see if there is a way to find one. Muse, thanks so much (again!) for introducing us to such wonderful things and an interesting publication! You are roving arts reporter extraordinaire! If it weren't for my love of miniatures as a child, I wouldn't be doing what I am today. Good to see a publication devoted to such loved items!

Your Daily Muse News said...

Thank you again everyone, I love doing this and it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling reading over all your comments.

Amy, I may have to coin this one "roving arts reporter extraordinaire!" *giggle*

bluedamselflyjewelry said...

Love the minis in your post today! Snow in Houston you say?? Hubby reminded me that we were there the last time it snowed there. Doesnt happen often enjoy!
Here in New England we are looking at 5 fresh inches dumped last night.
Julie S

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