Thursday, December 3, 2009

I went looking for some metal clay items to feature today, having been inspired by an amazing book ," Magical Metal Clay Jewelry" by Sue Heaser, that I received today. I may try to write a review of the book at a later date but book reviews have never really been one of my strong points. I can see my revue now "oooooh pretty... wow is that how that is done... oh COOL I can DO that !" I am afraid it would not be stellar reading !

Anyway, I went to one of my favorite sites to find art (Etsy) and started a search, but as luck would have it my eyes were drawn to a piece of stained glass art. ( It is funny that this should happen since last night my husband was teasing me about being just like a mockingbird, because I am always drawn to "shiny things".) Now you may ask yourself, how did I get from metal clay to stain glass art work... what can I say, I am going to just blame it on my Muse !

The artist of the day describes his light box as an extraordinary and unique 3 dimensional sculpture & stained glass light box. It was created and lovingly handmade and handpainted by artist J.J. Starr

The scene is one of tranquility and beauty. The couple stands on the hill beneath the spread of branches of the magnificent tree while watching the gorgeous sunset as the tree looks on protectively.

This treasured piece is beautiful with the light on or off and will draw the attention of all who see it.

Made of wood , gypsum and stained glass hand painted with an on/off switch on cord the piece weights 11.4 lbs. It measures 13.7” tall x 14.3” wide x 6.3” deep.

I love the thought of something that can be enjoyed both in the daylight and at night time, so there you have it, our artist of the day !

You can see more of his work at


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