Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ever come across those items that you just shake your head and say, wow I would have nover thought of that one ! Today's blog is about some of these interesting finds ! Enjoy and remember, I want some feedback !

Woolly Pocket’s Living Plant Bag Provides Personal Breath of Fresh Air
by Jasmin Malik Chua
Move over, pint-size pooches, there’s a new object of affection ready to roll into hearts and handbags alike: The common houseplant. With Woolly Pocket’s new “living” Vagabond purse, you can keep nature close at hand by taking a beloved botanical with you wherever you may roam. Who needs a yapping Chihuahua when designer foliage is only a portable planter away?

Handmade in the United States from reclaimed leather and felt derived from recycled plastic bottles, the Vagabond features porous sides for releasing excess moisture and aerating soil. (A waterproof lining holds in any leaks.)

DM: I would kill it, the only thing I can keep alive is a cactus!

Better Than Fur: Tara Baoth Mooney’s Living Moss Collar Will Grow on You

by Abigail Doan

If you’d rather draw stares than jeers, skip the fur stoles this winter in favor of this textured moss collar by Tara Baoth Mooney, a recent graduate of the London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion. (Bonus: It’ll match your living plant purse.) It’s no surprise that Mooney reaped accolades for her botanical faux fur at this past month’s Fashioning the Future Awards. This spirited young designer looked to her Irish roots—quite literally—for ways people can fashionably interface with the natural realm, as well as consider the impact their activities have on the environment.

Fashioning the Future is an international student competition hosted each year by industry leaders to identify the most promising and innovative designers of the next generation. For 2009, the event revolved around the theme of water, specifically the fashion industry’s reliance on this precious resource.

Mooney’s moss collar was particularly apropos given the plant’s dependence on wet climates and its sensitivity to changes in the atmosphere. “I wanted to invite the idea of public engagement through symbiotic biomimicry via a photosynthetic garment or accessory,” she tells Ecouterre.

DM: again...hmmmmmmm love the moss on the house, not sure about the shoulders !

possibiliTrees: Modern, Eco-Friendly Alternative Christmas Trees

by Beth Shea

Green families facing the real tree vs. artificial tree conundrum may expand their holiday decor possibilities with an eco-friendly possibiliTree. Architect Richard Babcock designed this natural, mess and waste free alternative to real Christmas trees when he “tired of finding, hauling, displaying, watering and disposing of the bulky, needle-dropping, space-guzzling evergreen every Christmas…” We think the modern possibiliTree is the perfect solution for green families who want a tree, but may not be home to care for it throughout the entire season — or for families with young kids who need to childproof their holiday decor scheme.

Each possibiliTree is handmade in Minnesota from a variety of natural wood species including: wild cherry, walnut, birch and reclaimed deadwood, when available. More than a Christmas tree, possibiliTrees may be enjoyed and displayed year round as pieces of art when unadorned, and creatively decorated for many festive occasions such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, etc. Each possibiliTree features slatted branches that fan out from a center rod which inserts into a matching wood base, and may be simply dismantled and stored after use — if not on exhibit year round.

DM: Cute in a bare kind of way.

Human Teeth Jewelry: Creepy or Cool?

by Jasmin Malik Chua

For Australian silversmith Polly van der Glas, diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend; she prefers to raid the Tooth Fairy’s war chest for dendrites in the rough, which she sterilizes and then hand-sets in sterling silver. From solid canine-encrusted signet rings to delicate molar-embellished earrings, these toothy trinkets are a quirky take on recycled jewelry—and our idea of luxury gems. So what do you think? Champing at the bit for your own fanged finery or avoiding like the plaque…um…plague?

DM: I am voting creeeeepy on this one ! Just my personal thought !

Upcycled Jewelry Made From Color-Pencil Stubs For Your Inner Child

by Jasmin Malik Chua

Jewelry designer Maria Cristina Bellucci knows that sometimes you need to break some rules and color outside the lines. A theater costumer designer in a former life, Bellucci now dedicates herself to the craft of contemporary jewelry, including a remarkable collection of accessories derived from sliced-and-diced color pencils.

By turning erstwhile tools into a brand new canvas, Bellucci takes the familiar and deconstructs it into something barely recognizable. Whether framed in silver or composed entirely of pencil wood, her rings, brooches, and earrings are a sophisticated take on a childhood staple—and abundant playroom resource. Need the perfect frock to match? The coloring dress makes dressing up child’s play.

DM: I really like these, may have to try to make something like this !

Hope you enjoyed today's post, until tomorrow ... keep creating !
Tina aka DM


amy said...

Years ago a local gallery featured a car whose "paint" was grass...I thought it was fabulous looking. Who knows, perhaps the guy who owns the car is now growing a crop on it? In this day and age of growing things upside down and on walls to save space, I love the new eco-movement. I cannot, however, imagine moss on my shoulders...I'd get crawly pest infested one. The purse has a great look but...poor pothos would never survive a day with me as a purse! Teeth: neat! I like it. But they do look like little puckered anus' when it comes down to it so "ewwwwww". Pencils: now THERE is a true winner! FABULOUS post, Muse...truly, fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Wow those are tooo funny yet kool...I dont like the teeth jewelry too much..though...mmmmm...welll maybe a gift for a dentist...LOL..!!

WonderfulWire said...

uuummmmmmmm..... yeah, the teeth are a bit creepy lol! and I agree with Amy, I also thought of little bugs being in the moss of you had it round your shoulders... would love the smell of moss though!! and my pick for the day is the 'possibilitree' I think it is a very cool and unique idea... needs a touch of ribbon though :)))

Anonymous said...

You guys make this all so worth wild ! I love getting your feedback ... I had to read them all to Mr Muse, he is still laughing !

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