Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Chanukah !

I thought with the start of Chanukah I would showcase some items that blend with the holiday. Peace to everyone !

Chanukah Menorah Ornament from

Hanukkah Tree - Original Painting from

Star of David Crayons from

Light the Menorah Original Mixed Media from

Shoe Chanukah Menorah from

Bolt People Menorah from

Happy start to Chanukah and till tomorrow ... keep creating !
Tina aka Daily Muse


amy said...

Loved the shoe menorah! I've seen some fun ones but that tops it! Nice selection, Muse. Happy Chanukah!

Inbar Bareket said...

Happy Hanukkah!
This is my favorite Holiday.
Hanukkah also known as the Festival of Lights.
I made a silver coin and I explained about this holiday here:

Anonymous said...

Sent by kellystokes on December 11, 2009:

Hi Tina,

Thanks! What fun to be part of such a neat collection! Our Robots Learn About Hanukkah coloring book would go so well with the bolt people menorah!

I'm so happy to find your blog - thanks for doing what you do. :-)

Best, Kelly

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Hanukkah tree painting between these unique items for Hanukkah.
I love them all!
Happy Hanukkah!

MitzvahMinded said...

Happy Chanukah! Thank you for included my mixed media menorah. Tonight is the first night... 7 to go! Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding my Bolt People Menorah to this wonderful collection. You have a wonderful, lovely blog.


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